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Prebiotics: The Gateway for Probiotics

By :Livia Staff 0 comments

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that act as food for good bacteria (probiotics). When prebiotics and probiotics are combined its called synbiotic. Prebiotics are one of the newest fields of nutritional research and offer promising benefits to your overall health, digestive system, your immunity and so much more. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of healthy microflora that populate the large intestine. When this healthy bacteria flourishes they help keep a healthy and strong well-being. Prebiotics are classified as soluble fiber. About 90% of prebiotic fiber makes itself into the small intestine tract. Insoluble fiber is the stuff that the human digestive system's host and gut flora cannot process or digest. Insoluble fiber acts as a lubricant stimulate for our bowels and literally tears up our insides. With Prebiotics being soluble, that's the type of fiber that your gut flora can actually consume and digest.

Some great prebiotic foods are:

  • Raw chicory root
  • Raw Jerusalem artichoke
  • Raw dandelion greens
  • Raw garlic
  • Raw leek
  • Raw onion
  • Raw banana

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